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Strewn Wine Clubs


The Sommelier Selections Wine Club is a convenient way to enjoy a cross-section of premium and reserve Terroir wines chosen by our estate sommelier. You receive six bottles four times a year.

For those who love big bold reds and unique white blends (one case of each), The LIMITED offers exclusive small-lot (three barrel) wines. The LIMITED 2019-2020 wine club sold out. Membership for the 2020-2021 year opens January 2 and is limited to 50 members. 

Now accepting Membership Applications for the 2020-2023 Barrel Club -  20 French oak barrels, 20 American oak barrels and 10 Canadian oak barrels are available to be adopted.

Four times a year Strewn Sommelier Juan Nunez-Sanchez selects two wines tailored to the season – one red and one white wine from our premium and Terroir wines. Six bottles in each shipment (24 bottles annually) plus a helpful wine accessory. You may vary the mix of red and white wine according to your preference - default setting is three white / three red wines. Ideal for wine enthusiasts and as a gift for friends or corporate clients who entertain in style.

The LIMITED showcases winemaker Marc Bradshaw's ability to craft superior quality wines in small lots using the very best grapes from specific vineyards and blending wine from selected barrels. These wines are exclusively available to club members. You will receive one case of each of three exclusive red wines suitable for cellaring eight to 10 years and one unique white Amalgam blend (one wine per shipment). Perfect for wine connoisseurs and collectors who enjoy full bodied, hand-crafted wines.