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Group Experiences

Our goal is to provide wine-based experiences that will be memorable long after you leave the winery!  We specialize in groups between eight and 60 people and activities typically run from 30 minutes to 2 hours. A list of current offerings are below. If you are looking for a private wine tasting experienc please visit our Taste page. 

Group Experiences at Strewn Winery

Team Building Experiences

The Virtual Winery Challenge
A competitive team activity for groups of 8 to 40 people, working in teams of four to six. Participants create a virtual winery, design a poster-sized label for their signature wine, then enjoy a wine tasting with cheese and crostini while teams present their creations. Duration: 75 minutes - 2 hours.

Team Building in the Kitchen
A collegial team activity for groups of 6 to 32 people with optional Chefs Challenge competitive element. Participants work in teams to cook and eat either a three-course meal or selection of appetizers matched with wine. Duration: 2 to 4 hours. Provided by the Wine Country Cooking School at Strewn. 

Perfect Pairings ... because there's more than one way to pair a wine!
Explore how three different wines can each be successfully matched with two different canapes and why the tpairing work. eams to cook and eat either a three-course meal or selection of appetizers matched with wine. For gorps of 8 to 20 people (up to 65 in the tent between June and September). Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Wine Tasting 201: How to Taste and Speak Like a Pro
Want to sound like an expert when tasting and discussing wine?  Through a conducted wine tasting experience, participants will learn to identify the key characteristics of wines made from four key Niagara grapes varieties, using the aroma wheeel to build your wine vocabulary. Duration: 1 hour.

Group Tasting Experiences

NEW SUMMER 2020: Vineyard Experiences
Under the direction of a Hospitality Team member, explore the upper and lower blocks of the five-acre vineyard at the winery and discover firsthand the various requirements to produce great grapes from three different white varietals.

Private tastings are available for groups of eight to 24 people year-round in the above-ground barrel area and for up to 70 people in the tent on the back lawn between May and October. Starting at $100 for up to 8 people with optional enhancements including reserve wines, cheese & charcuterie selection (subject to availability and must be booked 48 hours in advance)

To arrange a Group Wine Experience please complette the form below, email or call 905-468-1229.  

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